Family t

Outdoor Family Photography is one of my all time favorite things! I love capturing all the special little moments that unfold during these sessions!

Give your children the greatest gift by just existing in photo's with them, they will become the most cherished possession your children own one day.

We will also be documenting milestones in your child's life - whether its learning to walk, missing teeth or even that one haircut they insisted on getting....its all important memories!

Family sessions take place at an outdoor location and will last around an hour. The closer to sunset the better however I know this is not always possible with young children, so contact me today and we

can tailor a session to suit your family's needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best time of day for our family portraits and how long does the session go for?

     - Golden hour is the best time for outdoor portraits as this is when we get beautiful light. Golden hour start one hour before the sun sets. In summer time this can be quite late however I do believe it is well worth keeping young children up for - but if you strongly feel this won't work for your little one then let me know and we can discuss a suitable location for an earlier session. The session will last for around 1 hour.

2. What should we wear?

     - As we will be out in nature, nuetral and pastel tones are perfect and would compliment our surroundings. It can add an extra element to incorporate movement in your images which is why it can be fun for the girls to wear dresses/skirts and have their hair out. 

Where possible I would suggest to avoid clothes with big pictures or labels and not match each other completely.

3. We have members in our family who are really shy, is this ok?

     - Totally ok! Generally we begin the session with formal family portraits then I will guide you into some fun family activities (where no one has to look at the camera) and document all the love that unfolds.

4. What happens if the weather is bad?

     - The only reason we will need to reschedule is if it is raining, otherwise the session is fine to go ahead. If it is touch and go if the weather will hold up, I will get in touch in the morning of the session and give you the choice to go ahead or re-schedule for another date.

5. When should I book my Maternity session for?

     - Any time between 28 and 35 weeks, so long as we can see your baby bump easily.

6. Can we include our dog in our outdoor Family or Maternity Session?

     - Yes most definitely! I have a range of locations that are dog friendly.